This year, I made a goal to start including meditation into my weekly routine. I had never really been interested in meditating before I started practicing yoga, but I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of clearing your mind and tuning inwards during my classes. I began by taking 10 or 20 minutes a week to listen to short meditation videos when I was stressed or anxious, and it gradually led to me listening before bed, or when I got up in the morning. On beautiful summer days, I would go up onto my rooftop deck, put in my headphones and listen to different guided meditations to help me relax.

So why is it important to meditate at all? Well – we live in a pretty fast paced world these days. Between juggling work, money, family, friends, hobbies, relationships, holidays, never ending to-do lists, answering emails and text messages, etc. life can get pretty overwhelming and exhausting at times. I for one have a brain that never seems to slow down. If I’m not working on one task, I’m always thinking of the next task ahead. It sometimes seems like we can never catch up, and that’s where stress and anxiety come into play.  For me, meditating is almost like a vacation for my mind. It allows me to really slow down, relax, and clam my anxiety/stress in that moment. Research has shown that meditation can help with depression, sleep problems, headaches, and can even help with lowering blood pressure and improving brain function.

Meditation may seem intimidating at first to do on your own (it certainly did for me!) but you don’t have to do it alone. That’s what I love to listen to guided meditations. It takes the guess work out of meditating and allows me to just focus on the speaker and myself, rather than spending my time guessing if I’m doing it right.

Over the last few months, I have listened to a huge variety of guided meditation videos. I am extremely picky about who I listen to – I find that strong meditation speakers are far and few between. Because of this, I have put together a list of some of my favorite guided meditations! Whether you are looking for something to help you sleep, to balance your chakras, or relive stress and anxiety, here are some of my favorite free guided meditation videos:

1. Meditation for Chakra Alignment

2. Morning Meditation Focusing on Gratitude

3. Meditation for A Complete Chakra Cleanse & Reset

4. Meditation for Sleep & Chakra Alignment

5. Meditation for Sleep

6. Meditation for Anxiety

7. Meditation for Positive Energy

8. Time Crunch – 5 Minute Guided Meditation

9. Time Crunch – 7 Minute Guided Breathing Meditation

10. Time Crunch – 10 Minute Guided Meditation

11. Time Crunch – 20 Minute Guided Breathing Meditation


Do you have any guided meditation videos, sites, or apps you like? Let me know in the comment section below!

* Note: This is not a paid or sponsored post. Just an honest review of meditation videos and speakers I love


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I enjoyed reading this article and I agree. Meditation is a very important part of my days.

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