As someone who does a lot of outdoor yoga photoshoots, there are many situations where it is not practical for me to use a yoga mat. Honestly, some of my favorite places to do yoga are the places where I can’t use a mat – either because I do not physically have the space, or I don’t want to get it wet or dirty. However, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge doing yoga without a mat when you’re worried about slipping, standing on uncomfortable or dirty places, etc. That is until I found YogaPaws!

YogaPaws are the world’s first wearable yoga mat for your hands and your feet! They fit just like regular gloves and are made of the same material as a yoga mat. I was totally blown away by the quality of the material when I tried them on. I used them for two photoshoots at different locations to test them out. The first was on a chilly fall day (around 25 degrees) and the ground was particularly cold after an unexpected snowfall the day before.  They made even the cold and uncomfortable ground totally comfortable for me to do handstands on. The glove material is quite thick and felt as if I was actually using a yoga mat!

The second shoot was at the fountains of Millennium park in downtown Chicago. The grates that surround the waterfalls are extremely uncomfortable for handstands, especially if you have nothing protecting your hands. Again, YogaPaws were a life saver! I had absolutely no pain or issues maintaining connection with the slippery grates during my soot.

The 4-piece set comes in several different sizes, and there is a very helpful sizing guide available on their website. I ordered a size 2 based on their recommendations, and the gloves fit perfectly! They also come in a variety of colors – I like the nude colored ones since they are less noticeable and blend in with my skin tone.

I also love that they are super lightweight and portable. Unlike a yoga mat, I can easily fit them in my backpack or pockets and get them out whenever I need them. No need to worry about getting your expensive mat dirty on the floor! I even plan to bring these with me on my next trip, so I don’t have to lug around my heavy mat.

I would highly recommend YogaPaws for the wanderlust yogi in your life (They make awesome stocking stuffers as well). Use my code IG10 for 10% off your next purchase! Click HERE to shop sets!

Photography by Omar Organista and Amy Aiello 


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