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What does being healthy mean to you?  I used to think that being healthy meant I should weigh a certain amount, that I needed to look a specific way, that I had to eat a restrictive diet with a certain number of calories and that I should always be active with little to no breaks or cheat days.

I remember that I really tried to keep up with that concept, until I eventually ran myself into the ground trying to be “healthy”.

After getting sick from working out to the point of exhaustion and having a week-long binge on unhealthy food because I had restricted myself for so long, I realized that I had adopted a pretty skewed view of looking at overall health. Health is not one size fits all. In fact, there are SO many facets to health that go beyond what you eat.

There is a saying that your diet is more than just your food. It’s what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang around…be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

If you’re looking to start your wellness journey or even upgrade your current one, start by looking at your everyday routines. Small steps can lead to big changes and you never know what will work and could potentially transform your life! Change won’t happen overnight, but making small changes and sticking to them consistently can make a huge difference and help you feel your best.

Also, please know that you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with too many changes at once. We sometimes get so caught up in our own personal health goals that the end destination can seem overwhelming or even daunting. Instead of focusing on where you want to be and how far you are from that goal, start thinking of all the little things that you can do every single day.

Think of each day as a small step and align your daily habits with your goals. You will eventually start seeing major changes! Here are 25 lifestyle habits I’ve adopted over the past few years that I absolutely swear by:

  1. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night
  2. Drink plenty of water every day
  3. Eat mostly plant-based meals
  4. Avoid processed junk food as much as possible (I try to consume about 90% whole veggies and 10% processed food each week)
  5. Eat farm to table as much as possible. Invest in the best organic produce
  6. Meal prep on Sunday nights for the week ahead
  7. Find a workout you love & move every day (but don’t overdo it or push yourself to exhaustion)
  8. Take breaks when you need them
  9. Practice drinking alcohol in moderation
  10. Cook home cooked meals as much as possible
  11. Go out with your friends and enjoy yourself. Belly laughs are the best medicine!
  12. Practice intuitive eating
  13. Go outside & enjoy nature regularly
  14. Ditch the scale – your weight will always fluctuate. Focus on overall health rather than a number!
  15. Create a consistent meditation practice
  16. Journal at the beginning or the end of every day
  17. Listen to your body!
  18. Wear sunscreen, moisturize at night and exfoliate your skin weekly
  19. Walk instead of drive whenever possible
  20. Turn up your favorite song and dance like no one is watching at least once a week
  21. Always prioritize your mental health – say no when you need to without feeling bad about it
  22. Do a complete social media detox day at least once a month (or more if you can)
  23. Listen to podcasts & read books about things you’re interested in – never stop learning!
  24. Always express gratitude
  25. Find the things you’re most passionate about in life and a chase them!

What are your favorite healthy lifestyle habits? Let me know in the comments

Photos by Elena Cuellar | Wearing PACT

Stephanie Morgyn
Stephanie Morgyn
Stephanie Morgyn
Stephanie Morgyn
Stephanie Morgyn

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These are great lifestyle tips! Personally, I try to incorporate many of these…although to be totally truthful, many have become valuable habits, while others come and go. Sometimes the ebb and flow of life will dictate…and sometimes, we’ll let’s just say, I am a work in progress and always evolving ? One lifestyle tip I try to incorporate is learning a new activity…for me one that works is learning and practicing a musical instrument. It feels amazing and works wonders for the mind, heart and soul! Also, gratitude is such a great tip that you included and sometimes goes unappreciated…(see what I did there? ?) Gratitude often means RECEIVING gracefully…by letting others give to us, the act of graceful receiving can be as fulfilling as the actual gift we are given! And we are giving back in return with our gratitude…also a wonderful gift! Thank you Stephanie as always for being such a bright light ? and amazing inspiration to many!!!

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