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It’s here! It’s here!!

I’m SO excited to announce that The Everyday Mindfulness Program has officially launched! This program has been in the works for months, and I’m finally ready to share it with the world.

The EMP is an individualized, 12-week, one-on-one coaching and accountability program for ambitious women who want to learn how to utilize mindfulness to manage their overwhelming stress & anxiety, level up their mindset, and create a life that sets their soul on fire!

Together over the 12-weeks, we will deep dive into all of the tools and strategies that you need to find your purpose and create a life you love & are passionate about!

This program was created to help you learn the tools you need to release your limiting beliefs, stop playing small and finally step into your full power! I am going to work side by side with you to help you gain clarity for what you want in life, and release anything that is holding you back or not supporting you on your journey.

Stephanie Morgyn

This program is for you if:

→ You feel like your stress levels are spiraling out of control

→ You give and give and give but often struggle to take time for yourself

→ You find it hard to relax because it doesn’t feel ‘productive’

→ You often feel stuck in cycles of overworking, high stress, and burnout

→ You suffer from low self-esteem and you tend to people-please, overthink and second-guess yourself

→ You have big dreams and know that you are meant for more, but self-doubt stops you from taking action

→ You feel overwhelmed with finding a balance between work, taking care of yourself, your responsibilities, relationships, and your health

Stephanie Morgyn

You are also…

→ Ready to reduce the overwhelming noise in your life and find a healthy balance

→ Ready to learn how to utilize yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation for as little as 5 minutes every morning to manage your daily stress

→ Ready to let go of the old stories, doubts, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your power

→ Ready to stop playing small and finally live the life that you most desire

→ Ready to be motivated, supported, and held accountable by a group of like-minded women (and me!) who all have similar goals!

Stephanie Morgyn
In 12-weeks’ time, you will…

✨ Have the tools you need to manage your overwhelming stress including meditation, yoga, manifestation, mindset shifts, breathwork, plant-based nutrition, and so much more!  

🎉 Gain clarity on your WHY and what the next steps look like for you to achieve your goals

☀️ Understand what mindfulness is and how to implement it into your everyday life

🧘🏼‍♀️ Learn to meditate for 5-10 minutes every morning to create the foundation for a stress-free day 

🌬 Learn the basics of breathwork and have a toolkit of resources to deal with stress, especially when life gets tough 

🌷 Create a non-negotiable structure for your life that allows you to achieve your goals without overwhelm

💫 Identify any and all limiting beliefs you may have and get rid of them forever 

🌴 Be free of the need to receive approval from others and live your most authentic life on your own terms

🌺 Learn how to create & maintain an abundant and positive mindset to manifest what you want most in your life with ease

🌱 Learn the diet & lifestyle changes needed to reduce stress in your life through plant-based nutrition 

🕉 Learn how to create a daily yoga practice that fits into your schedule 

🦋 Uncover your Sankalpa, your Dharma (your life’s mission), and recognize the individual gifts that you have to offer the world. We will use this to create an action plan to achieve your dream life

💕 Create a strong bond with other women going through the same journey as you!

Stephanie Morgyn

If you’re saying YES to any of these, then I would LOVE for you to apply!


Once your application is in, I will review it and set up a 45-minute FREE Mindful Breakthrough call with you to go over your goals and make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

From there, we’ll book our sessions and get started on transforming your life!! I am SO excited that you’re here and I can’t wait to see you inside the program

In love and light,


Photography by Shanti Knight

Stephanie Morgyn
Stephanie Morgyn
Stephanie Morgyn

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